Wind & Solar

The Clean Energy Standard (CES) requires that fully fifty percent of the energy generated in our state come from renewable sources by 2030. That will mean significantly increasing wind and solar capacity, and that in turn will require a welcoming attitude towards large-scale projects in these technologies.

Unfortunately, the recent history of efforts to build high-yield wind and solar facilities in New York suggests that we have a significant uphill climb towards fulfilling the CES. A proposed wind turbine installation in Lake Ontario off the shores of Oswego and Jefferson Counties has gone nowhere; this is the same for a solar array proposed for a field in Syracuse—all because of opposition based on the potential disruption of local views or activities.

It’s time for all New Yorkers to take into account the cost – to our environment and to all of us paying the price for continued dependence on fossil fuels – of failing to develop zero-carbon generation.

New York AREA supports building wind and solar facilities in New York.