Given that New Yorkers are paying top dollar for existing energy sources and are facing significant investments in the innovative generation, delivery, and updated transmission of electricity, it’s important that we insist on getting the full value for our money. Our state government has a responsibility to ensure transparency, accountability, and full value to ratepayers for all new energy projects.

We agree strongly with the Public Service Commission that Benefit-Cost Analyses (BCA) should be conducted for every project in state-sponsored programs, including Reforming the Energy Vision, the Clean Energy Fund, and the Upstate Revitalization Initiative. We support legislation proposed by State Senator John DeFrancisco to require comprehensive fiscal analyses that include accounting for ratepayer burden, program administration costs, and lost utility revenue. The BCA process should be impartial and transparent.

Protecting value for our ratepayers’ hard-earned money also means that only private investment should be made in new projects, with no taxpayer dollars put at risk through direct or hidden subsidies.

New York AREA supports comprehensive fiscal analysis, full transparency and accountability, and unsubsidized private investment to protect ratepayers from paying excessive costs for new energy infrastructure.