Taxes & Fees

Our state is among the ten most expensive in the nation for electricity, 36% higher than the national average. High electricity prices hurt more than our pocketbooks: New Yorkers with low or fixed incomes have suffered from high costs, while many more New Yorkers have lost their jobs as energy costs to businesses climb higher.

It adds insult to injury that the price we pay for energy is inflated unnecessarily by taxes and fees that have accumulated over the years and which do not directly and transparently support increases or improvements in electricity supply or transmission. One glaring example is the 18-a surcharge, originally levied to support the Public Service Commission and now increased to four times its original size in order to cover gaps in Albany’s budget.

New York takes in approximately $1.6 billion each year in utility taxes and fees. It’s time to return those funds to hard-pressed ratepayers.

New York AREA supports the elimination of utility taxes, surcharges, and fees that burden New York’s ratepayers while providing no improvements in energy generation or transmission.