State Needs Plan to Replace Nuclear Energy

Posted: September 22, 2017
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Publication: Watertown Daily Times, Malone Telegram, Ogdensburg Journal 

By: Arthur “Jerry” Kremer

For a stronger economy and cleaner environment, New York needs more natural gas and renewable power. Unfortunately, state policymakers focus too much on renewable energy projects and regularly block reasonable proposals for more natural gas. This includes the Constitution and Millennium pipelines.

There are many benefits to more natural gas-sourced electric power, including reduced costs for consumers and improved air quality by replacing oil-burning furnaces with natural gas.

The Indian Point nuclear power plant provides 10 percent of the state’s electricity and is the largest clean energy generator in the state. With its scheduled closing in 2021, New York has a big energy supply challenge.

We need to know the state’s plan for replacing this power. When nuclear plants close, the bulk of their power has been replaced by natural gas.

The state should develop a comprehensive energy plan that continues support for our remaining nuclear power plants and clears the way for more natural gas to avoid a supply shortage. Otherwise, electricity price spikes and power outages are likely to happen.

The time is now for planning and approving — not four years from now when it may be too late.

Arthur “Jerry” Kremer

New York

The writer is chairman of the New York Affordable Reliable Electricity Alliance.