State must act now to safeguard power

Posted: January 12, 2018
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Publication: The Buffalo News
By: Rob DiFrancesco

Deepening snow, bitter winds and biting cold remind us that winter can be harsh. Thankfully, what makes it bearable in New York is the heat and electricity provided by the nuclear power and natural gas that comprise nearly 75 percent of our state’s energy generation.

The impending loss of Indian Point in 2021 makes it all the more important to keep our remaining upstate nuclear plants online and expand our natural gas supply.

Abundant natural gas can fuel our homes cheaply, and it’s better for our environment than coal. But our upstate communities need more pipelines – and the state has blocked or delayed permits to build them.

So, while today we have the warmth and light that reliable electricity assures, we must anticipate a different future – and that means we need the state to act now to plan and implement crucial infrastructure changes to supply and deliver abundant electricity to maintain our quality of life in New York.

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