Gore’s Hot Air

Posted: October 30, 2016
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Publication: New York Daily News 

By: Nan Hayworth 

Bedford, N.Y.: Karenna Gore’s fearmongering about the Algonquin pipeline (“A pipeline, people and the planet,” Op-Ed, Oct. 26) ignores the reality that natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel embraced by environmentalists for decades. We’re many years away from renewables being ready to power metro New York, especially given our state’s “Not In My Back Yard” attitude. A very real danger is that people will go cold in the winter because they lack reliable energy. Furthermore, the independent Nuclear Regulatory Commission has determined that the pipeline poses no risk to Indian Point — a plant whose 2,000 megawatts of emission-free energy actually help to reduce the need for natural gas, another boon for clean air. Anyone who cares about the environment and our communities should support the pipeline and Indian Point.

Nan Hayworth, former member of Congress

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