Winter storms call for replacement energy infrastructure

Posted: March 15, 2018

Over the past several weeks, New York has been plummeted by frigid temperatures, high winds and heavy snowfall. Last week, a second winter storm in less than a week left tens of thousands of New Yorkers without power, some for several days.

Lawmakers and elected officials should take this opportunity to promote the need to repair and replace the statewide grid. However, the only additions to the grid in discussion are to add four new renewable projects within the next decade.

Yes, renewable sources are an important addition to the grid and will assist in lowering New York’s emission levels. However, let’s focus on the factor at hand: our current grid is old and antiquated. It is prone to power outages, which leave New Yorkers in the dark and leave businesses with a loss of significant funds as well. The focus should be set on repairing our energy infrastructure and replacing it where necessary, not putting money aside for infrastructure that will only power the state during favorable weather conditions.

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