Will EVs help New York reach its climate goals?

Posted: September 7, 2018

As part of its goal to lower statewide emissions, New York State intends to use its $127.7 million share of the settlement from Volkswagen to increase electric vehicle (EV) production.

The State estimates that by using more than 60 percent of these funds, the plan will exceed the emissions produced by faulty Volkswagen vehicles and remove the equivalent of 65,000 automobile emissions from the road.

However, EVs are only as clean as the energy sources that power their charging stations. New York’s ambitious goal to lower emissions via EVs is undermined by the impending closure of Indian Point, which currently generates 10 percent of New York’s energy portfolio. Fortunately, the state is taking good steps to keep its upstate nuclear plants operating and supplying clean power to the grid to accomplish these goals.

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