This Halloween, don’t get spooked by your electricity bill

Posted: October 31, 2018

Halloween is the time for trick-or-treaters, horror movies and ghost stories. But one thing that shouldn’t scare you this holiday is your electricity bill.

It’s easy for electricity use to jump up as the weather gets cooler. Utilize some of our energy-saving tips below to keep yourself (and your wallet) safe from electricity scares this Halloween:

Use low energy LED lights to decorate your windows and pumpkins. Not only will you save on your overhead lights, your home will have a festive, and spooky, atmosphere!

Do you feel that chill coming in under your door and windows? Seal any outside openings to protect against air leaks that could add to your rising electricity bill.

Beware of phantom loads that suck your electricity without even knowing it! Appliances, battery changers and electronics can continue to draw energy even in standby mode. Unplug these energy suckers for an extra load off your bill.

A fireplace can add extra warmth to your home, but make sure that warm air isn’t escaping through an empty chimney. Make sure to close your chimney flue to keep cold air and unwanted outdoor guests from entering.

Don’t forget to power down your decorations after trick-or-treaters and party guests have gone home! Not only will your neighbors thank you for turning bright outdoor decorations off, you’ll also save on your power bill.