The Latest News on the National Grid Moratorium

Posted: October 25, 2019

Since this spring, New York City residents have been caught in the ongoing crossfire between National Grid and the State of New York.

After warning consumers that fuel supply is at risk, the utility began denying applications for natural gas hookups in Brooklyn and Queens. About 2,600 requests have been denied since the company’s May announcement.

National Grid has reversed its decision and started to approve applications after the Office of the Governor threated to fine the utility. But a spokesperson warned that the risk to natural gas supply is still very severe.

“We stand by our analysis and there are very real gas supply constraints in the northeast. In the meantime, we have been working to identify unprecedented temporary solutions to help mitigate this situation and will immediately begin connecting the more than 1,100 applicants who have been identified in the order.” – National Grid

National Grid isn’t alone in its warning. On March 16, Con Edison enacted a moratorium on applications, citing a lack of sufficient fuel supply. The moratorium may end in November 2023, should a deal currently in discussions be struck with Tennessee Gas Pipeline.

Unless New York gets the natural gas it needs, we can expect greater moratoriums and other consequences further down the road.