Statewide Outages Affect Thousands of New Yorkers on Tuesday

Posted: July 18, 2018

Yesterday, nearly 6,000 New Yorkers throughout the state lost power on one of the hottest days of summer.

On Tuesday morning, more than 3,500 New Yorkers lost electricity after power lines in western Hamlin collapsed, according to the Democrat and Chronicle.

Meanwhile, Westchester also experienced blackouts across the region due to storms in the region. About 1,800 News Yorkers lost power and less than 600 had their power restored by 8:30 PM last night, according to Bedford Patch. About 576 customers in Orange and Rockland Counties also reported power outages.

Power outages throughout the state are a frequent summertime occurrence, due to overuse of air conditioning systems, storms or damaged infrastructure. While most outages are small and leave regions in the dark for a few hours at most, New York has a history of serious blackouts.

The 2003 Northeast Blackout, for example, plunged New York City and much of the state into darkness for about days and cost the City more than $1 billion in spoiled food and lost economic activity. During the blackout, 96 New Yorkers lost their lives as well.

While yesterday’s outages were mostly resolved by the end of the day, our antiquated grid and the rising demand for energy leaves New Yorkers at risk for a major blackout. We need more efforts to stabilize our energy infrastructure and confirm new energy sources throughout the state to keep the lights on across the state.