Riverkeeper, focus on our energy future – not baseless fears

Posted: April 11, 2019

With barely a year remaining before the start of Indian Point’s closure, Riverkeeper’s Paul Gallay continues to waste the public’s time with baseless criticisms of a plant whose culture of safety and record of reliability are second to none.

Far from being cause for worry, Indian Point’s precautionary shutdown is quite the opposite: it proves how unequivocally plant owner Entergy and its team of highly trained professionals prioritize public safety. Assuring that every component of every system in the plant works properly, every day, is paramount. If anything needs extra attention, safety comes first. Never, not once, in over 50 years, has the public ever been at risk from Indian Point’s operation.

And during those 50+ years Indian Point has been operational nearly 90 percent of the time, 24/7, regardless of sunshine or weather—reflecting an unparalleled commitment to reliability that Entergy continues to honor, investing $70 Million in new plant equipment during the current maintenance shutdown.

All of us — including Mr. Gallay — who’ve benefited from Indian Point’s peerlessly clean, consistent, reliable, and safe generation of zero-carbon energy should be concerned today not with a temporary maintenance shutdown, but with the important task of continuing to identify the sources of power to replace the plant’s 2000 megawatts of baseload power. 

If Riverkeeper truly cares about our energy future, they should stop the desperate fearmongering and work to prepare for a very different world after Indian Point’s closure in 2021.