President Trump’s Energy Policy

Posted: February 9, 2017

As the Senate considers former governor of Texas Rick Perry for Secretary of Energy, many see his appointment as a big change to the United States’ energy policies. While Governor Perry brought large-scale wind power to Texas, making it one of the largest wind producers in the world, his confidence in renewable power is not as readily shared by the new administration.

During his campaign, President Trump, a self-proclaimed climate skeptic, pledged to repeal the Clean Power Plan, pursue initiatives for “clean coal” and reduce subsidies to expensive renewable energy sources. President Trump has called himself “a believer in all forms of energy,” but is also concerned that any efforts to curtail carbon emissions will only harm the U.S. economy.

Shortly after the election, Forbes contributor James Taylor laid out ten big changes that we can expect in U.S. Energy Policy under President Trump. These include:

  1. An end to the Clean Power Plan
  2. Increased energy production on federal lands
  3. Relaxed restrictions on coal
  4. Regulations put on wind power for the killing of bald eagles
  5. Reduced subsides for wind and solar
  6. Closer scrutiny of ethanol
  7. The completion of Yucca Mountain’s nuclear waste storage unit
  8. A surge in next-generation nuclear power
  9. Hydropower expansion
  10. An increase in natural gas exports

It will be interesting to see how energy policy changes under President Trump, and how Governor Perry’s prior energy initiatives will contribute to the Department of Energy.

To read James Taylor’s full article, click here.