NY utility bills among highest in the U.S.

Posted: November 9, 2018

A recent study showed that New Yorkers pay the among the highest utility rates in the country, contradicting other reports demonstrating that New York’s home electricity bills are among the lowest across all 50 states.

The report determined that the average New Yorker pays the fifth-highest utility bill each month at $477.31. The New York power bill was ranked at seventh-highest in the county, averaging at $173.84. These high prices are bolstered by excessive utility taxes and fees which add an approximate 25 percent to every utility bill.

These excessive taxes and fees make it difficult for New York families to keep the lights on and their homes at a comfortable temperature, especially during the winter and summer months. Our public officials should take action to remove unnecessary fees and lower other electricity taxes to ensure New Yorkers across the state have affordable power.