Article of Interest: Nuclear plant closures prove that small is expensive

Posted: August 3, 2018

On Wednesday, NextEra Energy announced that it will shut down Duane Arnold Energy Center in Iowa by 2020, making it the tenth nuclear power plant in the country scheduled to shut down prematurely.

If these shutdowns are completed as planned, the number of nuclear power plants across the country will drop from 99 to 89 by 2025. And, according to Environmental Progress, the United States will lose 23 percent more clean energy from these plants that the total amount of solar electricity generated last year.

Although NextEra has announced that wind power is slated to replace Duane Arnold’s energy output, we can expect that natural gas will become the main power replacement, as it has in Vermont following Vermont Yankee’s shutdown in 2014. We are seeing similar consequences in Germany as the country phases out its 17 nuclear power plants by 2022.

Read more from Michael Shellenberger, President of Environmental Progress, at the link below:

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