NIMBY opposition poses problem for instate energy projects

Posted: March 5, 2019

New York has a growing demand to supply in-state energy to its residents, but as energy experts know well, building new energy projects is a difficult challenge.

Due to “not in my backyard” or NIMBY opposition to any power project that can be seen or heard, many proposed energy projects have been withdrawn throughout the state, including most recently the Galloo Island Wind Farm.

In a recent op-ed by Robert Bryce, “Vacant-land mythology impedes serious energy discussions,” Bryce points out the danger renewable energy projects face, despite apparent mass appeal. This is mostly due to NIMBYism, when nearby residents attack a project for its proximity, “environmental concerns” or any other complaint which often results in the proposed project getting withdrawn.

If NIMBY New Yorkers continue to attack proposed energy projects, the state will soon run out of resources to support our growing need for power. New York must be open to an all-of-the-above energy portfolio to keep the Empire State going strong into the future.