New York should heed NYISO predictions for a post-Indian Point future

Posted: February 15, 2018

Last month, New York’s power usage shot up by 27.3% from December during the bomb cyclone. Nuclear power remained the lead source of power, contributing 34% of the overall fuel mix for the month, while coal/oil generation escalated by 202%.

We’re fortunate that the in-state nuclear fleet was able to keep the power on in New York throughout the coldest days of the season. But what will happen to statewide nuclear generation when Indian Point shuts down in 2021?


Indian Point’s closing will leave an 11 percent gap in our state’s energy generation. To replace the plant’s 2000 megawatts, the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) is relying on three natural gas facilities.

Two of these plants, CPV Valley and Cricket Valley, are in jeopardy, because New York won’t permit the pipelines to supply their natural gas.

2021 is three short years away. Without new natural gas plants, and with wind and solar projects nowhere near ready, what will bridge the 11 percent gap? Most likely, oil and coal–which would be a huge step backwards for New York’s clean energy goals.

It’s essential that these natural gas projects are completed, lest we lose our largest clean energy provider and its low-carbon backup in just three years.

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