New York has a critical need for natural gas development to secure reliable energy future

Posted: April 18, 2019

New York has long history of natural gas opposition, but to continue as an economic powerhouse and clean energy leader, the state needs to accept its dependence on the cleanest fossil fuel and cease its resistance of infrastructure and future development.

Natural gas produces nearly 40% of New York’s energy portfolio, and that number will grow in 2020 and 2021 after the closures of Indian Point’s Unit 2 and Unit 3. We’ve already seen the concern with which Westchester County community reacted to the news of Con Edison’s natural gas moratorium. Should New York’s natural gas sources continue to be hampered by obstruction to infrastructure development, the Empire State’s energy future will be in serious trouble.

Under President Trump’s executive order to expedite the development of necessary natural gas pipelines, moratoriums like Con Edison’s will likely be a thing of the past and citizens can rest assured that their states have a wealth of affordable, low-carbon energy to fuel their communities and local economies. But New York must welcome these new developments along with their progress of renewable energy advancement to ensure a bright, reliable energy future to our state as a whole.

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