New York Business & Community Leaders: Indian Point is Critical for New York Jobs, Economy, and Electric Reliability

Posted: May 14, 2013

Below are quotes from New York Business and Community Leaders regarding the May 14, 2013 public hearing on the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s assessment of the annual safety performance at Indian Point. 

Heather Briccetti, President & CEO of the Business Council of New York State: “The evidence is overwhelming: Indian Point is a valuable asset to the local community, to New York City, and New York State providing fuel diversity, reliability, and affordable energy. The life line of the modern economy is reliable and affordable energy. Without either, our economic outlook would be bleak. Indian Point’s continued operation guarantees that the lights will stay on in our homes and businesses and that New York’s critical transportation, health, and municipal systems will have the affordable energy they need to operate.”

Dr. Marsha Gordon, President and CEO, Business Council of Westchester: “Indian Point is critical to job growth, business growth, and economic development throughout Westchester and the Lower Hudson Valley. Indian Point provides the power and economic infrastructure we need to support local businesses and welcome new energy-intensive industries to the region. The forced closure of Indian Point would send a very negative message to potential investors and companies looking for opportunities to start-up, relocate, or expand in the lower Hudson Valley that we are closed for business.”

William Mooney, President, Westchester County Association: “The numerous benefits of Indian Point’s continued operation include electric reliability, affordable power costs, and increased public safety. These factors have contributed to economic growth of the Westchester County region by attracting new business, industries, and residents.”

Al Samuels, President & CEO, Rockland Business Association: “The business community of the Lower Hudson Valley appreciates the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s diligence in its inspection of Indian Point in order to ensure that it is and continues to be a safe facility. We hope the results of the latest annual review will go a long way toward alleviating the concerns of those who remain opposed to the Indian Point’s relicensing.”

John Kelly, Former Director of Licensing for Entergy: “The early shutdown of the IPEC nuclear power plants will cause a substantial decrease in the air quality of the lower Hudson valley and New York City. It will also substantially increase the greenhouse gas emissions for New York State. Continued operation of the IPEC plants can avoid such a deterioration in the areas air quality and the possible health effects of this added pollution.”

Robert Tendy, Supervisor, Town of Putnam Valley: “It is not to be contested that shutting down Indian Point would severely impact our local and regional economies. Many thousands of jobs would be lost, billions of dollars would be lost annually, and electrical rates would rise. The tax base for some local economies would truly suffer on a very large scale. There is no way to adequately minimize the economic damage which would result.”

Dominic Marzullo, Business Agent for the Utility Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO Local 1-2: “Indian Point has remained a safe workplace and good neighbor for decades. It is responsible for thousands of well-paying jobs for the working-class families of downstate New York, including this Union’s 410 members who work at this “state of the art” facility. If the plant were forced to shut down, those workers, and thousands more across the state, would lose their jobs and add to New York’s already staggering unemployment rate.”

New York City District Council of Carpenters: “Indian Point has consistently been proven to be a safe place for our members to work. Indian Point is also a major contributor to New York’s economic recovery, providing thousands of skilled labor workers with good-paying, secure jobs, including members of my union. Today’s announcement confirms what we already know: that Indian Pont is safe and essential to New York’s economy and energy supply.”

Michael Tracey, Business Manager for the International Association of Heat & Frost Insulators & Allied Workers Local 91:  “Insulators are responsible for maintaining and operating the insulation and fire-wrap for the plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical and fire prevention systems, as well as piping equipment and pressure vessels, to reduce the passage of heat, cold, sound, smoke or fire. Indian Points employs thousands of hard-working union members who take pride in keeping the lights on and the public safe.”

Bob Roberge, President, Teamsters Local 456: “Indian Point supports thousands of jobs, both at the plant and in neighboring communities – many of which are held by skilled union workers. We believe that shutting down Indian Point would have a catastrophic impact on the region’s economy, cause thousands of hard working people to lose their jobs, and cause electric rates to rise. Replacing Indian Point would dramatically increase New York’s dependence on imported power and force businesses out of the region. We support Indian Point’s continued operation and recognize its contribution to job creation and affordable electricity for the state.”

Lenny Caro, President & CEO, Bronx Chamber of Commerce: “New York City’s population is growing at an exponential rate. In the Bronx alone, the population increased by 1.7% over the last two years. We must be able to provide enough power to meet the increased demand for energy that will come with this population growth. Indian Point is critical to meeting this need, providing the energy that illuminates our homes, powers our subways and the computers and phones we use to communicate.”

Gavin Donohue, President &CEO of the Independent Power Producers of New York: “Indian Point is a safe, secure, and vital source of energy that provides economic stability, a reliable power supply, and helps the state achieve its environmental goals. The continued operation of Indian Point helps to maintain a positive climate for new investment and reinforces New York’s commitment to creating jobs and opportunity here in the Empire State.”

Jack Friedman, Executive Director, Queens Chamber of Commerce: “Indian Point is essential to electric affordability and reliability in New York. Queens is in the midst of an economic resurgence and in order for this growth to continue, we must take steps to ensure our region’s electricity is affordable and reliable. The loss of Indian Point would seriously jeopardize this recent economic growth and thwart any efforts to bring new businesses and jobs to the region.”