Natural gas is a necessity for NY’s energy future

Posted: October 19, 2018

As New York diversifies its energy portfolio, natural gas development must remain a priority.

Natural gas is the leading power source for New York State. It currently supplies 38 percent of the state’s energy and it sited to be the main provider of replacement power following Indian Point’s closure in 2021. As the cleanest of fossil fuels, natural gas is the best baseload power source, behind nuclear, to fuel the state and ensure adequate energy.

However, even the best power sources can’t be expected to provide 100 percent of the state’s power. Earlier this month, Con Edison announced a $305 million investment to decrease natural gas consumption across the state. The company stated that the demand for natural gas increases substantially during the winter and on peak winter days the demand is more than 30 percent higher since 2011.

As New York strives to fulfill its commitment to the Clean Energy Standard, we’ll continue to see an increase in renewable energy sources to the grid. However, it’s important to remember where the bulk of our power comes from and support the necessary development and expansion of natural gas to keep the state’s energy future on track.