Months after moratorium, the National Grid crisis is still looming

Posted: November 21, 2019

National Grid first declared its moratorium on new hook-ups in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island this May, but the crossfire between the utility and New York State is still continuing as winter approaches.

New York State officials have put pressure on National Grid to restore power or risk losing its license. Yet, families and businesses alike are worried as the moratorium continues and colder temperatures arrive.

The most complicated piece of the National Grid puzzle is the Williams Pipeline project, which National Grid has stated is essential for future fuel supply. The state rejected a permit for the pipeline in May, and has directed National Grid to determine a non-pipeline solution to lift the moratorium by November 26th.

National Grid CEO John Pettigrew, in a recent earnings call, said the utility is searching for non-pipeline solutions to its power supply conundrum.

“We’re currently working through all the different engineering solutions that could be a non-pipeline solution. So, for example, as we’re looking at things like energy efficiency, demand side management, we’re looking at things like compressed natural gas, vaporization, increased capacity on our [liquefied natural gas] facilities … Ultimately, our objective is to be able to serve the customers.”