Indian Point refueling cycle powers region’s economic base

Posted: April 5, 2018

On March 19, Indian Point began a planned shutdown at one of its two operating reactors, Unit 2, for refueling and maintenance after 21 months of nearly continuous 24/7 power production. Fortunately, a shutdown in the world of nuclear power plants does not mean workers are sent home or laid off; it means more workers are brought in to perform the various upgrades required during this time.

Over 1,000 contract workers have been hired, nearly doubling Indian Point’s workforce. These are not low-paying temp jobs either. The plant is paying $30 million alone in salaries for the skilled craft workers. Overall, Indian Point is investing more than $75 million in plant during the outage.

This spike in economic growth is another example of Indian Point’s importance to the region. But now we must plan for a future without Indian Point. Our elected officials must produce a plan soon that accounts for adequate replacement power and a way to reinstate Indian Point’s economic benefits to the region.