Prepare community now for Indian Point closure

Posted: December 12, 2017

For years, the federal government has pledged to move spent fuel from nuclear plants across the country to Yucca Mountain in Nevada. After pushback from the previous administration, the repository stands empty, leaving Indian Points and other plants burdened with spent fuel casks (Nuclear waste stranded at Indian Point as feds search for permanent solution, Oct. 11).

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has done everything in their power to push for the removal of spent fuel, including investing billions into Yucca Mountain. This is a responsibility of the federal government, not the NRC. Hopefully under the direction of Energy Secretary Perry we’ll see a returned effort to completing Yucca Mountain and removing spent fuel from individual sites.

Fortunately, we still have four more years of continued operation at Indian Point. What we need now is a plan from the state to replace Indian Point’s 2,000 megawatts before the plant’s closure.

About the Author: Rob DiFrancesco is the executive director of the New York Affordable Reliable Electricity Alliance (New York AREA), a diverse organization of business, labor, and community groups including Entergy, the owner-operator of Indian Point. Founded in 2003, New York AREA’s mission is to ensure that New York has an ample and reliable electricity supply, and economic prosperity for years to come. For more information visit