Despite green energy appeal, NIMBYs push back on renewable development

Posted: August 29, 2019

The Empire State is progressing towards a green energy future, but some New Yorkers are against a close proximity to solar and wind developments.

New York has a history of renewable developments being shot down by ‘Not in my backyard’ or NIMBYs. Earlier this year, an application for a wind farm on Galloo Island in Lake Ontario was pulled after local residents protested its threat to migrating birds and fish population. The proposal for a wind farm off the coast of Montauk has faced complaints from residents over a disrupted view.

Most recently, plans for a 900-acre solar project in Pendleton has faced backlash from locals, calling the development a “solar prison.”

If all statewide renewable energy developments are crushed by these No Yorkers, a green energy future will never be feasible. It’s time to embrace all energy projects for reliable, affordable power and the prosperity of New York.