Conserve energy as winter chill hits New York

Posted: November 8, 2019

Winter is arriving early to New York, with warnings of extreme chill and snow storms threaten the east coast.

While New York City has escaped the snowy forecast, up to two inches of snow is expected in upstate and lower temperatures are predicted throughout the state.

As you pull out your winter coats and gloves for the impending cold, make sure your home is ready for the chill too with the following tips:

  1. Switch your ceiling fan’s blade rotation. 
    Hot air rises, so reverse your fan’s blades to a clockwise rotation to help push that warmth right back down to you.
  2. Upgrade your wood-burning fireplace. 
    Consider upgrading your fireplace to an EPA certified-model or more efficient insert – you will conserve energy and might even receive a tax credit.
  3. Let the sunshine in. 
    Naturally heat your home by drawing the curtains of south-facing windows during the day; you’ll save money on your heating bill and benefit from the wintery backdrop.
  4. Weather-proof your windows.
    For a budget-friendly alternative, cover windows and sliding doors with clear plastic film – this simple trick can save you roughly 14% on your heating bill.
  5. Get selective with a space heater. 
    Use a portable space heater in high-traffic areas like the living room and bedrooms to keep overall heating costs down throughout the season.
  6. Rock your winter wardrobe indoors. 
    Make your home your runway and stay bundled in your winter best. You can save 5% on for every degree you drop your thermostat between 60-70 degrees.
  7. Avoid using your exhaust fans. 
    Use your exhaust fans sparingly, and turn them off when not in use to ensure your home’s warmth isn’t being pulled away.
  8. Swap out old bulbs with LEDs. 
    LED bulbs use 75% less energy than traditional incandescents, which can lead to huge savings on your electricity bills during the winter months – especially if you opt for LED holiday lights as well.
  9. Invest in a smarter thermostat. A programmable thermostat
    can cut heating costs by up to 12% and will continue to reduce AC costs in the upcoming spring and summer.
  10. Do away with drafts. Install weather stripping and proper insulation to help keep the cold at bay.