Article of Interest: The Deranged Way to Choke New York’s Natural Gas Supply

Posted: May 9, 2019

For decades, New York has fought against the expansion of natural gas pipelines throughout the state. But despite its best efforts to keep pipelines at bay, the lack of natural gas resources is threatening necessary energy supply for the future.

Craig Stevens, a former senior advisor to U.S. Energy Secretary Sam Bodman, warns that New York’s natural gas crisis may continue to restrict additional energy sources, which would starve our state, and our New England neighbors, of necessary power.

“The safest, most efficient and most environmentally conscious method of transporting natural gas is by pipeline. Despite this, environmental activists continue to move the goal posts.

Not long ago, activists backed natural gas, a clean-burning fuel largely responsible for reducing US carbon emissions even as global emissions climb…Where does it end?”

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NEW YORK POST: The deranged drive to choke New York’s natural gas supply