Article of Interest: That EV battery might power a town

Posted: October 4, 2019

Electric vehicles have often been a topic of contention among New Yorkers, with many pros and cons for the state and for consumers. However, the Department of Energy announced that electric vehicles may provide another benefit to communities, even after the car is no longer on the road.

The DOE recently awarded several contestants who proposed various methods to recycle lithium batteries after the car’s lifespan. One of proposed methods is to reuse the batteries as renewable energy storage for small communities.

This is a positive step to keep these batteries out of landfills, but also to help smaller communities add clean energy sources to the grid. Because wind and solar energy have yet to develop the technology for round the clock usage during intermittent weather, using EV batteries as energy storage can help keep extend their environmental uses for a prolonged period of time. 

Read more about how EV battery life can be further extended at the link below:

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Don’t Junk that EV Battery—It Might Power a Town