Article of Interest: New York among top six clean energy building locations

Posted: March 21, 2019

One of the many initiatives of many clean energy proposals, including the Green New Deal, is the development of more clean-energy buildings in place of carbon-emitting structures.

Fortunately for New York, the state is already among the top locations that’s taking its clean energy leaderships to its rooftops, and the structures beneath them.

New York City is about to become one of the first big cities in the world to grapple with this problem squarely.

Some 90 percent of the 2050 building stock in the city has already been built. And in the aggregate, buildings are responsible for 70 percent of the city’s emissions. There is no way for NYC to reach its long-term goal of 80 percent carbon reductions by 2050 without tackling existing buildings.

The city council is now considering a remarkable bill, championed by Queens Council member Costa Constantinides, that would mandate a 40 percent reduction in emissions from large buildings by 2030, rising to 80 percent by 2050.

Read more about New York’s advancements to renewable power building upgrades at the link below:

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