Article of Interest: GE awarded $12.6 million to develop cybersecurity tech

Posted: October 5, 2018

A new contract awarded to GE Global Research by the Department of Energy has a tried and true method to protect the grid from cyberthreats: the human body.

“We’re committed to building the world’s first industrial immune system that detects, locates and neutralizes cyber threats just like the human immune system does with viruses that invade the body,” John said in a statement. “What we’re creating is essentially an invisible presence, or ‘digital ghost,’ which watches over and monitors every part of a power system and is capable of changing the operation of that system to allow that system to safely operate through a cyber-attack.”

Read more about GE’s new cybersecurity advancements at the link below:

ALBANY BUSINESS REVIEW: GE awarded $12.6 million to develop cybersecurity tech that mimics the human body fighting infections